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Grammar Quiz: Idioms- Animals

We can learn idioms by this site.
I cam ask some questions on the teacher forum site.

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Examples of codify Aristotle considered all aspects of legal discourse, attempting to codify the rules for making a persuasive legal argument. Verdi helped codify an international operatic culture A promise to codify all criminal law into a single act is also being looked at by an expert group which has not yet reported back. The workload component does little more than codify existing practices in most schools and will simply perpetuate current conditions. The need to codify nearly all possible behavior into a charter looks a lot like micro-management at the political level. To ensure visibility, we must codify these requirements in existing operation plans. It is an attempt to codify international relations in the post-Cold War era, institutionalising the political effects of globalisation. Then, having identified the distinguishing features, the book proceeded to codify them into rules for achieving literary elegance. This group met regularly with the brief to codify existin…